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VINCI Energies caries in its genes the human values of solidarity, trust, entrepreneurship, responsibility and empowerment.


The respect of these values ensures the continued existence of VINCI Energies beyond purely economic considerations. Resolutely embodied by the 63 000 men and women of the 1 500 business units of the Group, they nurture the VINCI Energies service culture and management model. They are also the inspiration behind the Group’s corporate social and environmental responsibility policy .

To join VINCI Energies is to contribute to its achievements which improve everyday life by preparing for the future . To work with us is to share our values.




We allow talent to express itself by giving each individual employee and business unit the freedom to take initiatives. The business units define their own development strategies and are empowered to implement them in compliance with Group culture. This empowerment bolsters their ability to act quickly and creatively and in direct contact with the customers. This is the strong point of VINCI Energies.

I am totally autonomous. I plan my day, buy the equipment, and do my own invoicing. I’m in charge of everything! And it’s really exciting.

Simon Borggren, Service Fitter, Actemium Stenungsund, Sweden




Our success depends on the accountability of our employees at every level of the organisation, irrespective of their position. All employees are accountable to their colleagues for their projects, their customers, and their business unit.

From the start, as a project manager, I was in charge of a team of 5 people and about 10 suppliers, even though I had just finished my studies!

Wojciech Kaluza, Project Manager, Actemium Katowice, Poland


Entrepreneurial spirit


We recognise the ability of each individual to take initiatives, evaluate risks, envision success and attain it. This spirit enables us to innovate in our projects.

What I like above all is the freedom of action that is given to me and the many training courses I can take. This is how you progress, learn new things, move up and achieve.

Menno Brontsema,Consulting Engineer, Actemium C&E Veendam, Netherlands




We choose to work in a spirit of trust. Trust is something that is given, deserved, rewarded, and allows people to work together in the knowledge that they can count on one another.




More than just a principle, solidarity is a reality which is expressed by the network: knowledge, activities, and resources are shared within the Group to enhance efficiency and the capacity to act quickly.

Naturally I wanted to share my knowledge with the others. That is why I devote time to training. Solidarity, making the most of each employee’s potential and developing competencies are essential Group values.”

José Antonio Ramos, Foreman, Tecuni, Spain


Solidarity is also expressed by the implication of the employees in civil society. They can contribute through the VINCI Corporate Foundation for the City alongside stakeholder organisations involved in insertion through economic activity.

I organise occupational safety awareness activities for the employees of two associations working to promote employment. I am happy to see VINCI Energies employees become involved in this project.

Pascal Common, Director, VINCI Energies Ouest Centre