News from VINCI Energies Indonesia

10 JUN 2020

News COVID-19 prevention protocol on site

The health and safety of workers and other stakeholders on site is the top concern amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

03 SEP 2019

News Safety Training for Safety Leaders

Working safely is a Top Priority at Vinci Energies.

23 NOV 2018

News PT. Indokomas Family Day 2018

Employees and families goes to Taman Safari Bogor

08 OCT 2018

News Completion of the Java-Bali Crossing 150kV Substation Upgrading Programme

Omexom extends and upgrades 11 high voltage substations scattered across East Java and Bali.

25 SEP 2018

News Official inauguration of PLN’s first 150kV system in Papua

Omexom energized PLN’s first 150kV transmission system in Papua and built the first 150kV substations in the Province.

20 AUG 2018

News New Kota Barat 150kV GIS Substation

Omexom Indonesia energized the New Kota Barat 150kV Substation located in Palembang.