Safety and prevention at the workplace: our “zero accident” objective

The risk of falling, risks related to electricity or handling of machinery, road hazards and more. Every day, the awareness of each and every employee is essential to avoid accidents in the workplace and to prevent occupational illnesses. VINCI Energies is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

Safety in the workplace: VINCI Energies’ approach

Out in the field, our top priority “zero accident” objective has given rise to several action plans:

  • a programme to welcome newcomers to our worksites
  • Personalized accompaniment of new and temporary employees, as well as sub-contractors
  • Awareness building to promote compliance in wearing personal protective gear
  • Risk assessment, crossed audits
  • Dedicated training programs at the VINCI Energies Academy
  • Communication programmes to inform, establish dialogue, and promote exchanges of best practices: Asbestos e-learning programme, Safety Challenge events, Awareness Days to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and the “Zoe” safety programme to support preventive action via a fictitious character personifying our safety messages.
  • Vigiroute Plan: road traffic is a major risk and a specific prevention policy needed to be designed. The Vigiroute Plan was established at the European level to improve drivers’ behaviour behind the wheel. This training programme includes the roll out of awareness tools, such as the VIGIROUTE Charter and the Driver’s Passport programme.
  • VINCI Innovation Award: each year, VINCI rewards the brightest ideas coming from our employees. Among several categories, a Safety Award recognises the invention or adaptation of devices making it possible to improve safety on our worksites.

An annual event dedicated to safety in the workplace

To spur greater awareness among all employees, to encourage more debate and deal with safety and health issues in the workplace, VINCI Energies organises an annual “Safety Week“. During a week, the employees working for VINCI Energies at all of our business units, construction and work sites, meet in small groups to discuss this common theme together.