Limiting the impact of our business on the environment – a challenge for everyone

For our business units, sustainable development depends first of all on all of our employees – with everyone involved in a common effort.

Our business lines automatically have an impact on the environment: renewable energies, sustainable mobility, smart cities and even the optimisation of public lighting are all areas where the Group has taken concrete action in its commitment alongside our customers.

A variety of initiatives have been taken to draw everyone’s attention to these strategic areas:

  • Discussion clubs: Employees exchange ideas and hands-on experience in the field, learn more and subsequently spread their knowledge throughout the Group.
  • Training in energy efficiency and carbon audits.

These initiatives have proved to be very positive with more and more of our business units applying each year for ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Optimising energy performance

SDEL Nantes received the VINCI Sustainable Development Award for its solution to reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs for a logistics platform lighting system. Lighting is only activated in areas where work is being performed, with a varying level of intensity based on the light provided by roof windows. This solution has generated a savings of 60% compared to the previous system used.